Legacy2017, Spotted Peccary Music

Between Interval - LEGACY cover
This is space music, pure and simple. Damn fine space music too. - Steve Mecca, Chain D.L.K. Stefan Strand returns in a very great shape after a silence of very close to 8 years - Sylvain Lupari, Synth&Sequences Impeccably crafted - Textura

Also available in a limited edition colored vinyl/LP!

The Edge of a Fairytale2009, Spotted Peccary Music

Between Interval - The Edge of a Fairytale cover
"The Edge of a Fairytale" sure has been worth the wait, offering a fascinating ambient journey with a highly cinematic impact - Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion This new work delicately uncovers a mysterious sound world deeply mired in the mythos of the unseen. - Allegro ...a blast of spiritual energy and light - Josh Landry, In Place of Dreary Patterns

Autumn Continent2006, Spotted Peccary Music

Between Interval - Autumn Continent cover
Music by Between Interval should be taken along with a cup of midnight. - Chuck van Zyl, Star's End Autumn Continent is another great ambient album from Between Interval that is ideal for immersing and losing oneself in. If the strangely inviting landscapes of Scandinavia in the dark months generated a sonic aura, I could imagine it would sound something like this. - Dene Bebbington, Melliflua This album hits it right on the nail. - EXPOSÉ

Autumn Continent made it into the "Top New Age of 2006" list at Amazon.com.

Secret Observatory2005, Spotted Peccary Music

Between Interval - Secret Observatory cover
...an audio sojourn that is mysterious and wondrous... - Terry Wood, Amazon.com one of the most sophisticated masterworks in deep space journeying - Richard Gürtler, Relaxed Machinery Secret Observatory takes the listener on a voyage to the outer edges of our galaxy and beyond. This is as close to ideal cosmic music as you're gonna get. - Bill Binkelman, Wind and Wire

Secret Observatory made it into the "Top New Age of 2005" list at Amazon.com.

Radio Silence2004, re-mastered and re-released 2007 on Spotted Peccary Music

Between Interval - Radio Silence cover
Radio Silence is a dream with its own soundtrack - a fantasy of a bleak time yet to come. - Chuck Van Zyl, Star's End I truly recommend these 75 minutes of excellent ambient music and already consider this album as one of the best in 2004 and put it very very high on my personal list of all-time favourites. - Aruzz, Foreshadow Magazine

Radio Silence made it into the "Top New Age of 2007" list at Amazon.com.