New album coming in March 2017!

It's been eight years since my latest release - it's about time to pick up the trail! A new album is in the pipeline, scheduled for release in March 2017. It will be the fifth chapter in the Between Interval saga, continuing the story right where I left it with The Edge of a Fairytale eight years ago. The new album itself took roughly a year to compose, but inspiration from all those silent years is somewhat accumulated in the music. The album is mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary and sleeve artwork is done by talented Michal Karcz.

This new album of mine will place itself somewhere within the vast ambient genre, sometimes sidestepping a bit into electronica before morphing into deep space music, synthesizer sequences, and even treading into the delay heavy realms of dub techno. I can't find words for how excited I am about the fact that it will be released on vinyl/LP besides the usual formats - I really can't wait to see and hear the final result!

Oh yeah that's right - this web site has got a much needed facelift as well. It is now responsive and should hopefully work as well on a smartphone or tablet as on a desktop computer. I also removed the contact form as it has apparently been broken for some time now - if you have tried contacting me without getting a reply, that's probably why. Please try getting in touch again!

Thank you for listening!

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